Saturday, March 18, 2017

Supper for Syria

Dear Family & Friends,

On the 11th, over 50 people (+21 kids) attended the Supper for Syria Fundraiser at our home in Savage. We got the chance to hear some inspiring and informative talks from Azra, John, Aref, and Lindsey, who talked about the crisis impacting millions in and around Syria. And together, over $10,000 was raised to support medical relief with the Syrian American Medical Society!

What's more - connections and bridges within the community were made; new partnerships and plans are being formed; discussions are being had.

We are so blown away by your incredible generosity, your support, & your love! With your help, thousands of lives will be impacted. Thank you. We are so grateful for you!

A short slideshow of the event was made for you, here: 

During the discussion, some great questions were raised - one being: what can we do to be involved right here in MN. We wanted to direct you to a number of great organizations that support refugees here: 

Arrive Ministries 
Minnesota for Refugees
Northwest Islamic Community Center
Minnesota Council of Churches

Many thanks again, and until next time,

Akochi & Amenah